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Longer, brighter days may be on the way, but the right lighting is still key for a feel-good space. And when it comes to ambient glows, we’ve got the answer – think sleek modern, elegant vintage, beautifully bizarre and more.

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  • Carrioca

    Regular price From £ 5,045
    Sale price From £ 5,045 Regular price
  • Skorpio Glass Large Base

    Regular price From £ 3,059
    Sale price From £ 3,059 Regular price
    Skorpio Glass Large Base
  • Skorpio Glass Small Base

    Regular price From £ 2,429
    Sale price From £ 2,429 Regular price
    Skorpio Glass Small Base
  • Reef

    Regular price From £ 5,099
    Sale price From £ 5,099 Regular price
  • Eliot Keramik Drive Brushed Finished Base

    Regular price From £ 4,859
    Sale price From £ 4,859 Regular price
    Eliot Keramik Drive Brushed Finished Base
  • Eliot Keramik Shaped Edge Brushed Finish

    Regular price From £ 4,565
    Sale price From £ 4,565 Regular price
    Eliot Keramik Shaped Edge Brushed Finish
  • Eliot Round

    Regular price From £ 4,619
    Sale price From £ 4,619 Regular price
    Eliot Round
  • Eliot Keramik Round

    Regular price From £ 4,509
    Sale price From £ 4,509 Regular price
    Eliot Keramik Round
  • Butterfly keramik Shaped

    Regular price From £ 7,259
    Sale price From £ 7,259 Regular price
    Butterfly keramik Shaped
  • Atlantis Wood

    Regular price From £ 5,199
    Sale price From £ 5,199 Regular price
    Atlantis Wood
  • Skorpio keramik shaped

    Regular price From £ 5,049
    Sale price From £ 5,049 Regular price
    Skorpio keramik shaped
  • Skorpio crystalart

    Regular price From £ 4,029
    Sale price From £ 4,029 Regular price
    Skorpio crystalart

Mirror, mirror

An interior designer’s secret weapon? Mirrors. And it’s no surprise — they instantly brighten up a space and make it feel bigger, too. So, if you’re ready to elevate your home, start with our collection of the latest mirrors to know.

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